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Why Malaysia is still a third world country… July 25, 2009

Posted by Jannah in Malaysia, Opinion, Politics, Public.

Having had numerous conversations with a lot of people from various backgrounds with different opinions, I have come to a conclusion. Malaysia is still a third world country because we lack the ability to think.  No, not the ability, the desire to think.

So on that note, let me share with you what I think..

First, lets look at the TV series that we have here in Malaysia, and try and compare them with the ones that we are used to watching in the US . Grey’s Anatomy for example, even though none of us can deny that this series is more entertainment rather than intellect (as compared to a discovery channel documentary), has a decent amount of valid information in it. You can tell that a considerable amount of effort was put into researching the medical conditions, the backgroud of their education, what their work encompasses and how REAL examinations are being done. The actors made sure that they took some time observeing and shadowing real surgeons so that they can play the part convincingly.That is why their acting do not seem fake. They actually do what scientists do if you think about it. They observe, formulate their own understanding about what is going on and reproduce their thoughts into their acting. It is not attributed to talent alone nor is it just merely “pretending to be in someone else’s shoes”.What about the ones that we have here then? I do not deny that there are very few good movies out there, but thats it, they are very few.  Hence why we have a lot of ridicilous and unintelligent shows out there. I am sure you wouldn’t have any difficulty thinking of one.  What about series like CSI, Bones? I am certain that none of our series can even come close to the standard that these series have.

Now lets compare the education system that we have here in Malaysia with a country like Britain say. Here we are taught to just accept what ever that is being said or taught to us by a body of authority. No objections. In order to excel in our exams, all we need to do is read, memorize and do lots of  latihan. There is actually no room for understanding what we are learning, to actually fathom, digest what is being taught to us. We are not taught how to learn, we are taught what we need to know to pass the exams. There is a big difference there. Kids are not given the freedom to explore, to experiment, to be creative in their own right.

In order for us to become a negara maju, an inquisitive mind is essential. Only through that will we be able to nurture young minds into becoming scientists, good politicians who make good policies for the betterment of the country, good teachers who are creative in discovering ways to make their students interested in learning, parents who know that it is important to instill good thinking skills from young, university students who are engaged in whats going on in the country that one day they will inherit. Only then will we be more than just an ordinary citizen whose only priority in life is to get straight A’s, obtain a dgree, get a good job, make loads of money and live a comfortable life, but to hell with what ever else that is going on outside.

But hey, this is just what I think. You on the other hand, might think differently. If you do think that is..

Peace =)



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